Your New Ten Million Dollar Well Deserves Better

Meagan Emerson

Your New Ten Million Dollar Well Deserves Better

You’ve just spent ten million dollars per well to turn a pad to production…does it really make sense to put a used ESP in the well?

One with high mileage on the odometer that could cause a failure just as the well is starting to give up high oil volume?

Exactly. It doesn’t.

Here’s a pro-tip: the cheaper the monthly rental, the higher the mileage on the equipment.

New equipment runs better for longer than used equipment from the rental fleet. Period. This has been well documented. Hopefully you haven’t experienced this expensive truth firsthand. If you have, you get it.

Given how important the early production window is for generating well returns, the choice should be clear: the fastest route to payback and meeting production goals is for your ESP to run well for a long time. New equipment gives you the best shot at both.

That’s where we come in.

When you buy an ESP from us, you’re getting a world-class pump system designed exclusively for your operation, backed by the industry’s best customer service and support.

From a pump and system customized to your production site, to 24/7 monitoring, servicing and support, buying a brand new ESP from us has several advantages. Because at Extract, we’re a team – your team.

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