We are proud to share that Extract Companies, LLC, has been acquired by NOV, Inc. as of January 2024. Leveraging NOV's rich history of innovation and deep expertise in the global energy sector alongside Extract's reputation as a leading provider of artificial lift technologies and services, we are committed to upholding our standards of excellence, prioritizing quality, safety, and environmental responsibility in our operations.

Following the acquisition, our day-to-day operations have remained uninterrupted, and your current points of contact remain unchanged. We appreciate your ongoing support and confidence in this new partnership.

we're focused
on one thing

your bottom line

In our business, there is no room for compromise. Reliable equipment. Responsive service. Flawless execution. Advanced technology for better production outcomes. You shouldn’t have to pick and choose or give up one to get the other. Which is why we’re a different kind of oilfield technology company. We’re your wingman for success, delivering consistent production improvement through superior technical expertise, reliable equipment and relentless service. We don’t just get product moving, we help get your cash flowing. 

How can we help you?

You have questions, we have answers. We’re here to help you maximize your production performance. Let’s talk through your wellsite challenges, together. Feel free to call us directly at 918-938-6828 or email us at 

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