XCEL® Integrated Gas Processor: Coming To The SPE ESP Symposium.

Hunter Cates

XCEL® Integrated Gas Processor: The ultimate, all-in-one, gas-handling solution has been proven in the field – and is coming to the SPE ESP Symposium.

Unscheduled downtime. Equipment failure. Ask operators what is the cause of their costliest and most time-consuming challenges in unconventional ESP applications, and most will answer with one word: “Gas.”

“Gas interference is a major source of frustration for our customers,” said Matt Cox, Product Line Manager at Extract. “When it comes to producing wells with an ESP, gas buildup leads to a loss of production due to downtime. Time equals money, and if your wells aren’t running because of gas, it can get very costly, very quickly.”

With more unconventional wells being produced with ESPs, and gas rates continuing to increase, we realized that a solution was needed to continue to produce these unconventional wells effectively.

However, a solution wasn’t currently being offered in the marketplace. So, we built it ourselves.

We’re proud to offer the ultimate, all-in-one, gas-handling solution — the XCEL Integrated Gas Processor (IGP). This groundbreaking equipment stands to change how ESP operators tackle the challenges posed by gas forever.

Built with our patented technology, the IGP processes more gas than traditional ESP options by utilizing tandem gas separators and a gas-handling style pump. This increases ESP reliability and reduces the amount of production interruption due to gas interference, specifically in lower volume applications. ​

Here’s how it works:​​​

The IGP consists of three modules connected by our patented flangeless threaded connection system, which brings fluid into a Contra Helical Pump (CHP) stage Lower Module through a High-Volume Intake where it compresses and conditions (homogenizing) the fluid.

After moving through the Lower Module, the fluid enters the Center Module, a Dual Chambered Gas Separator. Here the heavy fluid is spun to the outside wall, sending the non-homogenized gas up the center of the gas separator, where it escapes through portholes into the annulus, while the fluid remains in the system. Once the fluid has passed through the Dual Chambered Gas Separator it enters the Upper Module of the IGP system, which is a centrifugal style pump for further compression and conditioning before moving into the primary production pump.

The IGP technology isn’t just theory. It’s an innovative solution that has already proven itself in the field.​​​​

IGP outperforms gas lift in a traditional gas lift field, generating more production and operating cash flow.

A Delaware Basin operator in Eddy County, New Mexico wanted to draw down their wells further and more efficiently. Unfortunately, the operator was limited to gas lift systems because of the amount of gas this Wolfcamp formation is known to produce.

We took on the challenge by incorporating our IGP combined with an ESP system, encountering up to 70% free gas at the intake, and an average GLR of 2700 cu. ft./bbl.

The IGP outperformed the operator’s IP target by 10%, and outperformed the offset gas lift analog data by 35%. Most had given up on producing in this formation with an ESP. Thanks to the IGP, the operator captured more than half-a-billion dollars in additional oil production over a six-month period.

More than half a year later, the IGP has proven to be a reliable overperformer, boosting free cash flow by successfully drawing the reservoir down in an incredibly harsh, gassy environment.

IGP outperforms a traditional ESP with gas-handling pump and gas separators in a low volume, high GLR Permian application.

During the course of a year, a Delaware Basin operator’s well in the Bone Spring formation in New Mexico suffered several ESP failures, resulting in many costly, gas-related shutdowns. Infrastructure constraints and the cost of changing meant a gas lift was not an option. The operator was looking for a solution to produce the well with an ESP successfully. So, they came to us.

We installed an ESP with an IGP, which proved it could outperform the standard gas-handling equipment used in unconventional wells with low volume and high GLRs.

The IGP handled high amounts of gas, significantly impacting the well’s operational efficiency and boosting cash flow. In fact, the IGP reduced downtime by 32%, increased the average production time by 50% to 600 bpd, captured $450,000 in additional oil production per month, and drew the well down an additional 20%.

ESP with an IGP outperforms conventional ESP gas-handling systems in a multi-well second and third run ESP field study.

An operator in the Midland Basin, Howard County, Texas, needed a solution to produce their second and third run ESPs in depleted Wolfcamp A & B applications. However, the gas-to-liquid ratios had reached a point where industry standard ESP gas handling solutions weren’t up for the job. The IGP was.

We took this opportunity to conduct a study to prove how IGP is superior to traditional solutions. For the study, we outfitted three wells with IGPs and six wells with conventional ESP equipment. The conventional systems utilized tandem gas separators and a gas handling type pump. The three applications selected for the IGP were extremely high gas content applications, with GLR’s between 2000 and 3500. In fact, the average gas rate of one specific application in the study was 1600 mcf, with spikes up to 2500 mcf. The drawdown of this same well was <800 psi. The IGPs weren’t just up for the challenge; they were built for it.

Thanks to the IGP’s ability to handle and separate gas more efficiently than conventional ESP gas handling systems, the three IGP wells produced 50% more fluid on average at an incrementally lower intake pressure than the six wells with conventional ESP gas-handling equipment.  As a result, the IGP enabled the ESP equipment to last longer and produce more fluid.

Visit us at ESP SPE to learn more about the IGP.

The results are in – the IGP is the gas-handling solution operators need for challenging, unconventional ESP applications. We’ve achieved a lot, but we’re just getting started.

“We’re proud of the results we have seen from the IGP,” said Cox. “But we are even more proud to bring this revolutionary gas-handling solution to our customer’s wells.”

Give your production an upgrade, and your bottom line a boost, with the ultimate, all-in-one, gas-handling solution: XCEL Integrated Gas Processor. Only from Extract.

Want to learn more about the IGP and all of Extract’s game-changing solutions in person?

Visit us at Booth #10/11 at the SPE Gulf Coast Section - Electric Submersible Pumps Symposium, October 2 – 6 at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center.

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