Maximizing CAPEX and Power Optimization - Part 2

Erik L. Block

Maximizing CAPEX and Power Optimization

A client with a newly completed Middle Spraberry well in Andrews County had originally specified a top-of-the-line ESP from Extract that, because of its great horsepower requirements, would also draw a large amount of current. The client asked Extract to employ XSize to explore power reduction options without disturbing production levels.


The client was very specific about their targets, centering on production and operating parameters such as PIP, mechanical stresses and free gas allowance. They offered 3-4 production points to start the analysis. To reach those original points would require one of the company’s biggest and most costly units. So, Extract’s team went to work looking for more optimum options.


The Process andDecision

The analysis involved creating a number of ESP unit options and sensitivities to compare to the well’s expected depletion curve. By charting the current and future production forecast versus those pump options it became apparent that giving up a small amount of early production, unit costs could be reduced while recouping the delayed production over the life of the well.


Therefore, XSize matched the well with a smaller, more appropriately sized pump. The smaller unit would defer production by about 50 bopd for about one month (or roughly a 10% drawdown in reservoir pressure),after which the production level would likely match the performance of the larger unit and ultimately out-produce the larger unit due to being more efficiently sized at lower rates.


XSize predicted that, at worst, the operator would recover the deferred oil within the life of a single ESP.


The Result

With a smaller pump, drive, transformer, and downhole motor—plus #4 cable instead of the larger #2—the operator could expect to save up to $50,000 off the total price.


About the Company:

Extract is a leading independent provider of electric submersible pump (ESP) and surface pumping technology to the upstream US oil and gas industry.  A combination of reliable equipment, responsive service, and differentiated technology, including XSize NODAL software, helps operators maximize operating cash flow from production assets while reducing emissions.


About the Author:

Erik L. Block is VP of Design and Optimization forExtract Companies.  He has over 20 years of oilfield engineering experience focused in drilling, completions, production, and exploitation. At a previous stop, Block developed, marketed, and successfully licensed a gas lift design program utilized by multiple artificial lift vendor companies.


Since joining Extract in 2018 he has primarily focused on developing his gas lift program into XSize. It is now a fully integrated Nodal-based sizing package equipped to compare multiple artificial lift types under a wide array of analyses. He has also brought a new perspective to the company, based on his deep experience and technical expertise as an E&P operator.

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