How the New OSHA Update Will Protect People Handling Chemicals

Meagan Emerson

Safety comes first. Always. Learn more about the recent updates made to chemical classification and labeling.

What are they? 

Per OSHA standards, The Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) is now aligned with the Globally Harmonized system of classification and labeling of chemicals (GHS). 

What does this mean?

There is now a common approach to classifying chemicals, including communicating hazardous information on safety and data sheets.

This includes:

  • All hazards must be available to review for all workers.

  • All manufacturers must evaluate the hazards of a chemical they produce or import, including preparing labels and safety data sheets to send with the product to their customers.

  • All employees must be trained properly when handling chemicals in the workplace, including reading labels and safety data sheets before handling the chemical.

  • All employers must train their employees on the new labels and safety data sheets, which helps prevent any potential injuries from handling these chemicals.

  • All label-manufacturers must provide a label that shows the harmonized signal word, pictogram, and hazard statement for each class and category.

Additionally, each chemical label must include:

  • Hazard classification (showing any health and physical hazards)

  • Classification of mixtures. 

At Extract, we strive to be best in class in everything we do — especially when it comes to always keeping our customers and employees safe. These new standards align with our unwavering commitment to safety, and we believe they will have a positive impact on our industry.

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