Extract’s Team Has the Experience to Solve Your ESP Issues — Fast

Charles Booth

Extract’s Team Has the Experience to Solve Your ESP Issues — Fast

As new unconventional wells see rising gas-to-oil ratios (GOR), keeping your ESPs humming requires new ideas and experience. To maximize the production of every well, you’re looking for a true professional — an ESP technician with the expertise to optimize your entire ESP system based on each well’s unique profile. You don’t want someone selling a one-size-fits-all program.

Each with an average of over ten years of experience — 52 field technicians with more than 600 years total experience — Extract technicians can ensure you realize the most consistent and reliable production possible from every ESP installation.

Your Time Is Your Money

For example, if you contact us by noon in the Permian Basin, we’ll be on the spot that day.Whatever time of day you call, our commitment is to be on the job in under 12 hours.

By phone, it’s even better. We understand your business is 24/7, so we always have an expert on call. And that expert can dial in someone else if more input is needed. Pooling their knowledge and experience gives every team member access to the best information about your wells.

This shared expertise allows team members to master the balance between maximizing daily production and keeping the pumps running while managing the effects of rising GORs. The result? More oil, more uptime, more success — more profit.

And we’re glad to share our expertise. Our experts are ready to help your field people understand the basics of our equipment so that they can solve minor issues on the spot, with no delay. That’s another way to use our 24/7 hotline.

Complete Training is the Key

We call it “Extract University.” It’s how we train new recruits in our core values, not only for work but also for life. In the process, our longtime team members mentor new employees — teaching them by word and example. Our core values include:

                          Integrity: Provide value to our customers by being principled and honest

                          Innovation: Deliver pioneering technology combined with a progressive approach to customer challenges

                          Reliability: Remain steadfast in our commitment to quality service and product performance

                          Safety: Establish a culture of working safely every day in all we do

                          Service: Respond faster, execute flawlessly, and partner for results

New team members spend their first three months exploring every station of our repair operations, pump testing, and motor testing. They’ll also see the manufacturing process in Tulsa. Then they’re mentored in the field until they’re sufficiently expert to work independently.

The ultimate goal of this training is is to give every single person the tools to reach the highest level of expertise on every issue. That assures consistent capabilities regardless of who arrives at your location. It has also fostered employee loyalty. Our attrition rate of less than one percent is unheard of in these times.

Here’s Just One Example of Our Ongoing Care

New unconventional wells start by producing copious amounts of water for about two weeks, requiring extra horsepower to pump off. After that time, the water flow drops, and gas begins to flow. So at about 2-3 weeks into a new well’s production, your Extract team member will return and optimize the pump to accommodate the new well flows. Optimization prolongs pump life by reducing heat and minimizing power costs.

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