Extract's Service-First Approach Wins For Permian Basin Operator.

Hunter Cates

Extract’s service-first approach wins again for a large operator in the Permian Basin.

At Extract, we’re built for service. Literally. While other ESP suppliers pay lip service to service, we live and breathe it. This goes far beyond sending out inspirational emails (though we do that too). It is a strategic initiative that informs company policy.

“We have a larger field service crew that runs at a lower utilization rate than most,” says David Williston, Sales Manager for Extract Companies. “Most suppliers have an over worked team that runs near 100%. We run at 70%, which allows room for growth so our customers don’t have non-productive time (NPT). Our leadership worked at larger companies and saw that a 100% utilization rate didn’t work well. The service quality just wasn’t the same.”

“We’re defined by the processes we have in place,” says Misty Richter, Account Manager and ESP Advisor for Extract. “Instead of working your people to death, you’re not dropping the ball. That’s just our overall approach to our business model.”

Put simply, by supporting our people, our people are able to support our customers.

“Our field service techs don’t get burnt out and have more time to focus on the task at hand,” says Williston. “It helps morale and is good for the customer. Customers see the value in our service quality through flawless execution which translates to no NPT.  They know we’re going to deliver.”

“It’s our expectation to excel,” says Trevor Herington, Account Manager for Extract Companies. The power of our service-centric approach was proven when we put in a bid for a major operator in the Permian Basin.

The customer was very active in the region, and was running 24-hour operations. Or at least they were trying to. One of their vendors just couldn’t keep up with the service load.

For years the producer had tried to make the best of the situation. However, multiple issues on the rig and service techs not showing up on time had taken its toll, resulting in extensive — and expensive — NPT.

“This producer has very serious KPI metrics. Overall run time, limited NPT, percentage of short runs,” says Richter. “If you don’t hit them, they’ll find someone else.”

Good thing for us, we were that someone else.

“The producer put out an RFP and we sold them on our service,” said Williston. “We were awarded all of the new installs in Q1. All of the work they put up for bid.”

The producer was impressed by our process, and even more by how it improved their performance.

“We were excelling in every one of the metrics and meeting, and exceeding, their current expectations,” says Richter. “We were a more expensive option, but the customer determined we are well worth it due to performance.”

“At the quarterly business review, the producer told us he’s never gone into a meeting and asked for a price decrease, only to get an increase, yet been completely okay with it because he knows we’re worth it,” says Williston. “We’re still the preferred vendor because they value our service that much.”

From the field to the front office, and everywhere in between, at Extract we put customer service first – and share our success with our entire team.

“We did a great job of circulating internally the success we’ve had with this customer,” says Williston. “This has been a morale booster.”

“It’s a testament to the culture that we have here,” says Richter. “Everybody brings their A game.”

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