We're fortunate to be heading into 2024 with a lot of great momentum.

Cullen Koger

As the year comes to a close, it's important to look back on the moments and milestones that have helped define who we are as a company. And while some of these opportunities might have pushed us in new and unexpected ways, collectively, they brought our vision into focus, keeping us on task with the mission at hand. And staying true to our purpose.


Without question, 2023 has been an exciting year filled with hard-earned successes. From reaching a one-year run time with SPEEDFREQ to launching a series of proprietary, innovative ESP products to implementing a 24-hour remote well monitoring team to expanding our market reach into the Bakken Formation, we continue to disrupt the industry with pioneering technologies and our trademarked relentless service.


As a result, we've enjoyed a number of unique distinctions, including being named 2023 Manufacturer of the Year by the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce as well as being an Honoree of the 2023 Cowboy100  from Oklahoma State University. These awards are a testament to the dedication and ambition of our team members. Their ingenuity as well as their heart and soul can be seen in all they do.


We're fortunate to be heading into 2024 with a lot of great momentum behind us. Our goal is to continue to build on our successes while keeping an eye on the changing landscape of the industry. As natural problem-solvers, we're always looking at different ways to help find solutions to our customers' needs, even beyond artificial lift. This means staying on top of macro trends like consolidation which continues to play out across oil and gas production sub-sectors. We know that scale and integration will be top of mind for many operators in the coming year.


However, regardless of what 2024 brings, we'll still be hard at work, helping our customers save money, increase cash flow generation and improve their well operations through innovation and a handshake. After all, while the industry might ebb and flow with the times, our values remain constant and will continue to drive us.


Thank you to our partners and to all those we have the honor of serving for a great 2023.


Here's to an even more successful 2024.

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