Extract Expands into the Canadian Market

Hunter Cates

Extract Companies expands into the Canadian market through an exclusive distribution agreement with Tri-Alta Oilfield Industries Ltd.

Distribution agreement brings both companies’ technological expertise and service-oriented cultures to work for Canadian ESP operators.

TULSA, OK, June 9, 2023 – Extract Companies (Extract), a leading independent provider of electric submersible pump (ESP) technology, announced today that it has signed a distribution agreement naming Tri-Alta Oilfield Industries Ltd. (Tri-Alta) as Extract’s exclusive distributor of ESPs in the Canadian market.

At Extract, we believe this partnership will provide tremendous benefits to our Canadian ESP customers. As a mainstay in the Canadian ESP market for more than four decades, Tri-Alta has vast experience and technical knowledge, while their service-oriented culture aligns well with our core value of service. In addition to our innovative ESP technology, this partnership will expand our differentiated level of service and responsiveness to the Canadian ESP market.

“This is truly a win-win-win for everyone,” said Sean McIntosh, Director Operations for Extract. “We gain access to the Canadian ESP market without a massive capital investment. Tri-Alta gets access to our best-in-class training and technology, including XSIZE™. And most importantly, our Canadian customers will get a service-focused, mid-sized provider.”

As part of this distribution agreement, Tri-Alta will also gain exclusive access to Extract’s state-of-the-art XSIZE™ technology, the industry’s most advanced nodal sizing software.

About Extract
Extract is a leading independent provider of ESP and surface pumping technology to the upstream US oil and gas industry. Our combination of reliable equipment, responsive service, and differentiated technology helps operators generate operating cash flow from production assets while reducing emissions.

About Tri-Alta Oilfield Industries
Tri-Alta is a Canadian-owned, independent provider of Submersible Pumps for over 44 years. In addition, we manufacture Polish Rods, Sucker Rod Couplings, and various Accessories. Located in Edmonton, Alberta, with a satellite office in Estevan, Saskatchewan, we provide quality equipment, responsive service, and technical value to the Canadian Oil & Gas Industry.

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