Don’t Pay for What You Don’t Need

Meaghan Gipson

We talk a lot about cost savings through functional efficiencies and new innovations. And for good reason; leveraging emerging technologies is your best bet in finding better, smarter ways to reduce your operational budget.

Almost every operator’s first move when it comes to cutting the fat is to eliminate what isn’t needed. But how do you know what’s needed and what isn’t? Sure, some things might be fairly obvious. However, there’s real truth in the adage: we don’t know what we don’t know. Which is why information is key. And we gain valuable information through better design and optimization, leading to even better design and optimization.

See, when it comes to designing gas lift systems, the industry has a mixed record of achieving the desired outcomes. Frequently, designs undershoot production expectations. Or, fail to even consider alternatives that may be more optimal to achieving anticipated results. Others add unnecessary equipment or additional compressor horsepower that just adds cost without improving production performance.

Extract’s proprietary gas lift design and nodal analysis software is different. Our customers get an optimal design based on their production goals that actually performs at or above expectations. No unfavorable production surprises. No unnecessary valves or compression horsepower. Only stable, predictable outcomes with the minimum necessary cost.

This is because our system delivers actionable data in real-time, giving our customers the opportunity to make informed decisions in the moment like never before. Powered with this knowledge, we can help identify where you can cut costs, increase production and possibly avoid functional pitfalls.

Which is to say, now it’s easier to only pay for what you need. We can help you! Contact Extract Sales Team at (918) 938-6828 or for more information!

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