5 Years Later, Still True to Extract.

Matt Gipson

While evolution is part of a company’s growth, it’s the fundamentals, the core values that keep it on track. When we started Extract in 2017, we had a game plan. Business projections. Growth strategy. All the traditional MBA-style trappings that look good on paper. The truth is, though, these things are destined to change, either by design or fate. Which is why defining our company culture would be our true north star.


As we celebrate our 5-year anniversary, we can say with confidence that we’ve stayed true to ourselves by staying true to our commitments of service, responsiveness and integrity. This has not only helped shape our evolution as a technology innovator but has lifted us through challenging cycles, including an unprecedented pandemic that continues to have a far-reaching impact on the industry.


These commitments are not just for our customers, either. They extend to our team members, too. We function as a system. Everyone has a role to play that creates value for each customer. No matter the person or their role, everyone impacts the customer in some way. And it all contributes to our growth and success.


We believe our people get an inherent satisfaction out of contributing. By being an active part of our company’s vision, they actually see the fruits of their labor and understand how they bring value to Extract. Once you get a culture moving in that direction it becomes self-fulfilling. And that’s what we’ve built. A culture of ambitious professionals who are empowered to find new ways to create change. If we ever lose our culture, we lose the secret sauce of Extract.


In these past five years, we’ve experienced quite a bit during our journey. Lots of learning, including plenty of technology know-how. Part of this journey has been gaining invaluable knowledge through setbacks and challenges. This is part and parcel of any company pursuing technology innovation. As it stands, we are pioneering five major technology components that are revolutionary. Through continuous feedback and improvement, we’re making good on our investments of time and money, developing products that will deliver long-term value to the industry for years to come.


Whether it has been delivering unprecedented service in the field early on to focusing on product innovation, we look at everything we do through the lens of our brand promise. This means performance, execution and customer collaboration are paramount. This continuity can be seen in our efforts to bring our ESPs operations and HOSS under one umbrella.


Through all of it, we’ve evolved from being a service provider, working with smaller independents to being a known player, working with the largest oil companies in the world. 


To our customers, we say thank you for walking alongside us. We strive every day to provide value. Striving to provide you with successful outcomes. We appreciate your trust and business. We’re proud to be here, to help in any way we can.

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